Key competences for Innovation in Mobility

Development of key competences based on real experiences from mobility innovation leaders

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  • Level: Beginner
  • Start on: 01-10-2021
  • Lectures: 6 Modules
  • Duration: 20 Hours
  • Language: English
  • Format: Online
  • Cost: Free

About this Course

MOBINNO - EXPERIENCES gives a complete overview on the mobility trends from the most cutting-edge startups, corporates, industry players, and cities. These real experiences have the purpose of inspiring and transferring entrepreneurial spirit and attitudes as well as key competences on business models, strategies, and mobility innovations to potential entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of Urban Mobility.

This online course will cover four thematic areas (Active Mobility, Future Mobility, Mobility and Energy, and Sustainable Logistics) sharing the adoption and acquisition of diverse innovative solutions and fruitful insights coming from experts working in different institutions, and one extra area related to Investors and Capital Risk facilitating global knowledge on investing in innovation

No prerequisite knowledge is required.The course is organized in 6 modules, and it concludes with a final quiz to test the acquired knowledge. After passing the test, you will obtain an EIT Urban Mobility Certificate which corroborates that you have successfully completed the course.


Section 3 – Future Mobility

Lectures Title Status
Lesson 1 Lecture 3.1: Theoretical description Preview
Lesson 2 Lecture 3.2. Shared mobility services Preview
Lesson 3 Lecture 3.3. Video Analytics for smarter cities and mobility Preview
Lesson 4 Lecture 3.4. Material and waste traceability in the construction industry Preview
Lesson 5 Lecture 3.5. Connected and cooperative mobility Preview
Lesson 6 Lecture 3.6. Autonomous services integrated in public transport network Preview
Lesson 7 Lecture 3.7. Mobility solutions by SEAT Preview
Lesson 8 Lecture 3.8. Opportunities in the smart mobility field Preview
Lesson 9 Lecture 3.9. Digitalization of mobility services in the city of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat Preview
Lesson 10 Lecture 3.10. Mobility and safe-driving technologies Preview
Lesson 11 Lecture 3.11. Evaluation Preview
Lesson 12 Module 3 Completion Preview

Section 4 – Mobility and Energy

Lectures Title Status
Lesson 1 Lecture 4.1. Theoretical description Preview
Lesson 2 Lecture 4.2. Sustainable micro-mobility Preview
Lesson 3 Lecture 4.3. Achieving sustainable mobility Preview
Lesson 4 Lecture 4.4. Battery testing, validation and certification Preview
Lesson 5 Lecture 4.5. Electric vehicles charging at home and at work Preview
Lesson 6 Lecture 4.6. Merging EV charging electric grids and infrastructure demands through Zencharge Preview
Lesson 7 Lecture 4.7. Smart and Clean: managing the mobility and energy transition Preview
Lesson 8 Lecture 4.8. TMB strategy in the energy transition Preview
Lesson 9 Lecture 4.9. Mobility and energy in the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès Preview
Lesson 10 Lecture 4.10. Innovation through startups in urban mobility Preview
Lesson 11 Lecture 4.11. Evaluation Preview
Lesson 12 Module 4 Completion Preview